Wire displays have many advantages over merchandisers made from other materials, which is why wire displays are so popular with marketers and retailers. Not only do wire displays allow products to be visible to customers, they also do not collect dust in store settings like components made from solid materials, particularly wood and plastic. Much of the wire in wire displays is made from recycled metal, and when our displays have served their purpose, the wire can be recycled and used again.

Keystone Display designsengineers and manufactures many types of Wire Displays for a wide array of industries.

Benefits of Wire Displays

  • Strong material, yet lightweight
  • Durable & withstand the use and abuse to which they are exposed in the store environment & shipping process
  • Open & clean design, maximizing product visibility
  • Little to no dust collection in store settings
  • Powder coating options for wire
  • Cost effective because of efficiency in Keystone’s manufacturing operations
  • Eco-friendly, wire can be recycled and used again

Keystone has experience designing wire merchandisers that hold heavy merchandise which weigh many times the weight of the display, and conform to UPS and Fed Ex package weight limits for shipping. Our custom wire displays are cost effective because of our efficient manufacturing operations. Keystone uses grid welders, jig welders, CNC wire bending machines, and other specialized machines to optimize manufacturing cost.

At Keystone, we stock over 40 powder coating colors, and some of these powder coatings have textured or modeled finishes. Additionally, our powder coating suppliers have hundreds of additional options in stock and can custom match colors when necessary.

Wire Display Applications

Keystone Display has experience fabricating a broad range of displays made from wire. Our custom wire displays can be designed and manufactured for point of purchase uses as fine as upscale counter displays in boutiques, to free standing floor displays for convenience stores. We also have the resources and experience to manufacture heavy duty merchandisers mounted to warehouse racks. Our custom manufacturing capabilities make us the right choice for all your custom wire display needs. Contact Keystone Display today to discuss your next project.