Custom Retail Displays

Customization is critical when marketing your products at retail.  Your product is unique and you need a special way to draw attention to your brand.  You want the right packaging and the right custom product displays to get your product noticed.   In addition, almost every retailer has its own unique merchandising requirements and approaches to which you must comply in order to get your product placed.

Keystone will work with you to design the right display for your product, your message and your retail channel.  We have experience improving product visibility and presentation while meeting retailer environments and requirements.

Types of Custom Product Displays

Custom product point of purchase display manufactured by Keystone Displays.
Among the many custom displays we create are the following:

  • Free standing one and two-sided displays, incorporating tubular steel, wire and sheet metal
  • Counter displays
  • Rotating/spinning displays
  • Gravity feed merchandisers
  • Displays that mount onto different types of warehouse store H-Racks or gondolas
  • Rolling displays and lane blockers
  • Metal and wire shelving systems
  • Custom grid displays
  • Custom wire displays
  • Custom floor displays

All of these displays are designed to meet special product features, specific customer requirements or unique retailer specifications.

Custom Display Examples

Here are a couple specific examples of display programs we developed:

  • A client wanted a counter display that featured his line of sauces so retailers could feature one facing of several different products or several facings of the same product. The jars in which different types of sauce were packaged were of several different diameters.  We created a display with dividers which could be easily adjusted for various product combinations.
  • A client wanted to merchandise her product in dispensers. The company supplying the dispensers had a limited selection of displays, but none were designed to hold the specific number of dispensers or the configuration that our customer wished to display.  We created a display for the quantity and planogram of dispensers that our customer needed.

Contact us today to answer any questions you may have or visit our project photo gallery.

  • Dremel Custom Product Displays - made of wire and wood
  • Russell Stover Custom Product Display - made of wire and metal
  • Radnor Custom Product Display - made of wire, metal and wood