Floor Displays can be custom-designed to meet many merchandising objectives for product marketers.  Whether your need involves maximizing in-store product inventory or optimizing the use of eye-catching graphics or meeting a functional purpose like serving as a rolling lane blocker, a Floor Display can be your solution. Keystone has expertise in producing custom floor displays from wire, sheet metal, tubular steel, or in most cases, a combination of these materials.

Keystone Display designs, engineers and manufactures many types of Floor Displays for a wide array of industries.

Benefits of Custom Floor Displays Custom point of purchase wire floor display for maps manufactured by Keystone Display

  • Freestanding, and not dependent on shelf space or availability of other store fixtures
  • Draws attention to your product by standing out in the retail environment
  • Uses vertical space with space-efficient footprint
  • Provides opportunities to optimize product capacity
  • Upright structure provides opportunities to use graphics and other eye-catching support materials
  • Can be outfitted with casters so the retailer can use the display as a lane blocker or cross merchandiser
  • Can be custom designed to rotate as a spinner display
  • Can be custom powder coated in a variety of colors and finishes

Keystone Displays POP Metal & Wire displays project icon.Keystone Display Previous Projects

Here are a couple of examples of display programs we have developed:


Floor Display Applications

Keystone Display has designed, engineered, and manufactured Custom Floor Displays for a variety of applications.  We have produced Floor Displays that merchandise heavy duty products, including jackhammers, welders and ceramic tile, as well as light-duty products like balloons, socks, and gloves.  We have created Floor Displays for applications where product organization and access are critical, including specialized aquarium lighting, maps, and periodicals.  Our portfolio of work also includes POP Floor Displays, Floor Wire Displays, Free Standing Displays, Floor Stands, Retail Floor Displays, Spinner Trees, Rolling Displays, Lane Blockers and End Caps.

Floor Displays are frequently configured to provide space for graphics and product demonstration.  We recently produced a Floor Display that featured a screen where a “how to” video explained the features of the product on the display.

Among the many industries in which you can find Keystone’s Floor Displays are Food and Candy, Hardware and Home Improvement, Housewares, Sporting Goods, Pet Care, Automotive, Paint and Sundry, Publishing, Flooring, Gift and Toy, Hobby, and many others.

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