Equipment Displays provide an excellent return on investment for marketers of high value equipment.  Merchandising equipment through the use of a display brings attention to the product and its features and benefits.

Custom point of purchase jack hammer equipment display manufactured by Keystone Displays.

Equipment Displays are especially popular in showrooms including welding distributors, rental stores, specialty tool and fastener (STAFDA) dealers, HVAC wholesalers and paint stores.  These retail outlets draw discriminating professionals who are looking to invest in equipment that supports their trade; displays that highlight equipment capabilities and advantages help these craftsmen make buying decisions. Keystone has experience in producing equipment displays from wire, sheet metal, tubular steel or a combination of these materials.

Keystone has expertise in designing, engineering and manufacturing custom Equipment Displays for many interesting and challenging applications. We have designed and manufactured displays for equipment as small as an air-powered tool and as large as a welding machine. Our equipment displays can fall under all categories of displays including hanging, floor, shelf and wall displays.

Benefits of Equipment Displays

  • Equipment Displays help marketers draw attention to products in showrooms, exhibits, tradeshows and other retail outlets.
  • Equipment Displays allow potential customers to get a “hands-on” feel for the item they are considering to purchase.
  • Equipment Displays frequently include merchandising space for consumable products that are used with the equipment, such as welding rods with welders, cleaning solution with carpet cleaners, sandpaper with sanders.
  • Equipment Displays can be custom designed to match the priorities of particular showroom types:
    • Rolling units for stores requiring layout flexibility
    • Stacked sections to optimize floor space
    • Displays that mount to pegboard, slotwall or gridwall for stores pre-equipped with these merchandising formats

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Here are a couple of examples of display programs we have developed:


Equipment Display Applications

Keystone Display has designed and manufactured Equipment Displays for a variety of products, including:

  • Welding Equipment
  • HVAC Equipment, including air conditioning units
  • Construction Equipment- jackhammers and soil tampers
  • Carpet Cleaners
  • Industrial Pumps
  • Power and Air Tools, including nail guns, drills, sanders and grinders
  • Lawn and Garden Equipment

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