Merchandising Sporting Goods and Recreation products is not easy.  Each product has its own challenges in this diverse category and the different types of retail through which goods are sold compound the complexity. Because the market is price competitive, the merchandisers must be cost-effective as well.  Keystone’s custom design, engineering and manufacturing capabilities enable us to provide merchandising answers for marketers of these products.   

Custom point of purchase rolling basketball rack display manufactured by Keystone Displays.

Unique Sporting Custom Displays

The Sporting Goods and Recreation product category includes an interesting mix of products with unique merchandising challenges.  Keystone has experience and expertise with some very interesting product requirements. Below are a few examples:

  • Fishing rods:  The size, shape and center-of-gravity of fishing rods make it difficult to hold and display these products.  Keystone has produced a number of custom pegboard-hanging, gondola-mount and free-standing displays that effectively display angling equipment.
  • Baseball gloves: The unique challenge of displaying baseball mitts is that customers want to try-on multiple models and sizes to see which is right for them. Custom features that Keystone has incorporated address customer needs for product visibility and accessibility, and store requirements of product organization and security.
  • Tailgating canopies:  Some marketers seek to sell product to impulse buyers who don’t even know that they need or want their product.  A critical function of the display that Keystone designed and manufactured for our customer selling pop-up canopies was to draw attention to the product and generate quick in-store sales. 
  • Concussion preventing mouth guards– Injury and product education materials were incorporated into the display program for this unique product.

Sporting Retail Custom Displays

Sporting Goods and Recreation products are sold through many types of retail stores, and displays need to fit each store environment.  Keystone has experience producing displays that fit onto the store fixtures of Sporting Goods and Outdoor Retailers, but products in this genre are also sold through many other types of retail. Here are examples of some of the locations where our displays are in use:

  • Club displays in Golf Pro-Shops
  • Gun Cleaning Product displays at Firearms Stores
  • Grill and Barbeque Equipment merchandisers in Grocery Chains
  • Paper Target racks at Shooting Ranges
  • Hammock displays for Hardware and Home Improvement Stores

We have worked extensively with all types of products, so no matter if your sport is hockey, baseball, basketball, volleyball, tennis, football or golf, our team has the experience and expertise to help you. Contact Keystone Display today to discuss your next custom display project for Sporting Goods and Recreation Products. 

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Here are a couple of examples of display programs we have developed:


Industries Served

Keystone Display offers custom displays to many different industries, including:

  • Sporting Goods
  • Welding, Plumbing & Electrical Supplies
  • Landscaping, Garden & Power Equipment
  • Housewares & Home Furnishings
  • Automotive Supplies
  • Paint & Sundry Products
  • Flooring Materials
  • Gifts & Toys
  • Clothing
  • Craft & Hobby Products
  • Medical Supplies