Keystone Display puts high emphasis on providing responsive personal service and building relationships with our clients.  Our approaches of contact continuity, service attitude, and people and work system are fundamental to our service.

Contact Continuity 

Your sales contact at Keystone will be the person who does most of the design work on your project. All our sales people have design skills, and most of them are equipped to create drawings, models and renderings for you.

When the project moves from design to the prototyping stage, he/she will monitor the progress of the sample as it is created in-house in our shop.

As your project progresses into production, your sales contact will be involved in many of the project management steps. These project management steps include developing and testing cartons, supervising creation of assembly instructions, coordinating carton labeling and special shipping requirements, and expediting and monitoring production.

Your Keystone sales contact will stay involved throughout your project; you are not handed-off to others as the project moves through the cycle.

Service Attitude

Starting from our initial contact and/or first development step, we strive to collaborate with our clients to provide displays and service that fit YOUR needs, YOUR goals and YOUR system. We understand the need for clear and timely communication and we strive to be as responsive as possible with answers, quotations, designs, etc. We take pride in being flexible and willing to work out-of-the-box to meet your needs and requirements, but we are also aware of our capabilities; we will not mislead you if your need is outside our skill set.

We believe that some old-fashioned, small-town ways to do business never go out of style.  We still believe we should do what we say we’ll do, and not promise what we can’t deliver.  We believe that “Partner” is more than a trendy term, it’s a status we earn by continually meeting our clients’ needs.  We believe that we should take our work personally, and that building relationships is as important as building displays.  We believe that above all we should never give a client a reason to question our integrity, commitment and effort… ever.

People and Work System

At Keystone, we highly value our people and recognize the impact they have on our ability to serve our clients.

Our work system is based on company values and principles, which provide guidance for how we operate our company, work together and treat one another.  Among these values and principles are continual improvement- personally and as a company, development of skills and expertise, pride in our work, and several other ideals.

The product of our work system is a high level of employee engagement, dedication and pride, which translate into high commitment to service and to meeting the needs of our clients.

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