Display Prototyping Services

Keystone has experience and expertise in developing and prototyping many types of custom wire and metal displays for a broad range of industries.  We develop grid displays, floor displays, equipment displays and rolling displays.  We serve clients who merchandise products in hardware and home improvement stores, food and beverage outlets, and retail specializing in pet care, automotive aftermarket, houseware products, and many specialty markets.

At Keystone, display design, engineering and prototyping are integrated parts of our overall development process, which also includes creation of concept designs and renderings, CAD drawing development, quality and safety review, and manufacturing.

Purpose of Prototyping

In prototyping, Keystone brings concepts and drawings to life, a process that serves many important functions, including:

  •  Confirming the display meets performance and visual requirements per the concept design and engineering specifications identified in the development process.
  • “Proving out” manufacturing equipment capabilities in meeting design and engineering specifications.
  • Creating a real-life hands-on sample that you and our development staff can review and test for structure and strength, functionality and ease of assembly.

Display Prototyping Services

Unique Features of Keystone’s Prototyping Process

At Keystone Display, we use a deliberate process of design > engineer > prototype to understand your display objectives and work with you to best meet your needs. Our prototypes are produced by our highly skilled staff using our actual manufacturing equipment and processes, and represent what you can expect in production.  We do not “cherry –pick” samples that don’t reflect our capabilities, nor do we “slap together” a unit and tell you, “it’s just a sample, production will be better.”



Display Prototyping Services

Advantages of Keystone’s Approach to Prototyping

Keystone Display will guide you throughout the entire display development process. We keep you involved in the design and engineering steps, and if there are any issues or changes needed, we work with you to address them. Therefore, when you get your prototype, you won’t be surprised about the look, cost, function, etc.  Our customized prototypes also represent production so you get what you expect when your full order is delivered. “Bugs” and production nuances are worked out during the prototyping stage, so we are prepared to smoothly move into full production seamlessly.