Display Engineering Services Keystone has experience and expertise in manufacturing a variety of wire and metal displays for a broad range of industries.  We manufacture grid displays, floor displays, wall displays, shelf displays, hanging displays, equipment displays and rolling displays.  We serve clients who merchandise products in hardware and home improvement stores, food and beverage outlets, and in retail that specializes in pet care, automotive aftermarket, houseware products, and many specialty markets.

There is a wide range of capabilities among companies involved in display development and production.  On one end of the spectrum, there are firms that exclusively design, and on the other end, there are operations that only manufacture.  Keystone provides the full range of integrated functions in the display supply process, including designing, engineering, prototyping and manufacturing.

Some of the unique features of Keystone’s manufacturing approach include In-House Production, Flexible and Efficient Automation, Manufacturing-Based Development and Utilization of Production Aids.

Display Engineering Services

In-House Production

Nearly all of Keystone’s manufacturing operations are done on-site, including grid welding, laser cutting, tube bending, powder coating and carton making.

Flexible and Efficient Automation

We extensively use automated equipment that is flexible enough to be reconfigured quickly to produce a variety of custom display components.  Among the mechanized, labor-saving equipment that Keystone uses are automated grid-welders, a computer operated sheet metal laser, 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional wire benders, jig welders, a robotic MIG welder and many CNC press brakes.  In addition, all members of our manufacturing team are cross-trained to operate in whatever function necessary to meet the needs of our clients.


Manufacturing-Based Development

Display Engineering Services

During the design, engineering and prototyping stages of our development process, consideration is given to how the display components will be manufactured in the most efficient, consistent and reliable methods.  In other words, our designs match our capabilities.

Utilization of Production Aids

Keystone equips our equipment operators with the best possible assembly fixtures, part checkers and component testers.  Our staff is experienced and highly skilled, and we make sure they have the best practical tools possible to assure efficient production and consistent quality control on the plant floor.

Advantages of Keystone’s Manufacturing Approach

Display Engineering Services

  • Controlling production of nearly all display components and operations on-site enables Keystone to provide superior cost efficiency, quality and production turn-around.
  • Automated operations require less labor and assure consistent fabrication of display components, saving time and money while optimizing quality.
  • Creating and engineering designs that match our manufacturing capabilities helps us “play to our strengths,” and build designs that utilize our most efficient equipment and production methods.
  • Fixtures, checkers and testers are created for, and utilized by, our operators to optimize production speed and accuracy, resulting in effective quality control and efficient manufacturing.