Keystone has experience and expertise in designing many types of custom wire and metal displays for a broad range of industries.  We develop grid displays, floor displays, wall displays, shelf displays, hanging displays, equipment displays and rolling displays.  We serve clients who merchandise products in hardware and home improvement stores, food and beverage outlets, and in retail that specializes in pet care, automotive aftermarket, houseware products, and many specialty markets.

At Keystone, a design is the first step of the development process which also involves engineering and CAD drawing development, prototyping, quality and safety review, and manufacturing.

Some of the unique features of Keystone’s Display Design approach are Client Collaboration, Contact Continuity, and Multi-Functional Design Approach.

Client Collaboration

At Keystone, we welcome the involvement of our clients in creating the display design.  We understand that the display needs to fit YOUR needs, YOUR goals, YOUR brand and YOUR sales channel.

  • We listen to your requirements, and we confirm your needs.
  • Based on our experience and expertise, we ask questions, we help you understand your options and we make sure that none of your preferences get overlooked.
  • We provide recommendations and suggestions that we feel will provide you with the best concepts to meet your display objectives.
  • We understand that design is an iterative process…. We provide concept drawings and pricing, then seek your input as we cycle through and narrow down to the final design.

Contact Continuity

Your sales contact at Keystone will be the person who does most of the design work on your project.  All of our sales people have design skills, and most of them are equipped to create drawings, models and renderings for you.  Your project will not be handed off to a third party during the development process.

Multi-Functional Design Approach

Keystone designs, engineers, prototypes and manufactures as one team in the same facility.  We understand that providing a design involves more than giving our customers a pretty picture.

  • As our designers create display ideas that meet your needs and objectives, they are also considering how the display will be engineered for strength, safety and store assembly.
  • They are thinking about how the display will be manufactured, and what approaches can be taken to enable our plant to produce the parts on automated equipment and efficient processes.

Advantages of Keystone’s Approach to Design

  • Emphasizing client objectives and involvement in the development process helps us provide designs that meet their merchandising objectives. We’re not out to win design awards, we’re here to help you increase your product sales.
  • Having a single point of contact at Keystone, who is also the person involved in designing your display, improves communication and provides a more efficient and effective design process.
  • Because design is integrated with engineering and manufacturing at Keystone, our designs have been reviewed for workability, practicality and cost effectiveness.

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